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3 Ways our clients are using Firecell’s Labkit for their research and development.

Local network 5G

Firecell’s Labkit is a 4G/5G network that includes core and RAN, both in Open Source. It is perfect for when you need an end-to-end telecom solution in a lab, to test and demonstrate. With a real signal, live-on-air. 

The Labkit is a Private Mobile Network in a box, designed for companies across different industries. Here are 3 different ways our clients use it. 

Labkit for testing  

Aalborg University in Denmark works closely with the business community and international research institutes. Their focus is to help industrial companies and enterprises with testing 5G and MTC/IoT use-cases, as well as validating different implementations on various, alternative networks. 

For Aalborg, the added value was the flexibility that open source grants their researchers. The open source model also allows full access and visibility on the code, which was the deciding factor for adding the LabKit to their wireless communication systems. Not only can they conduct testing for their partners, but they can also include new features by developing additional modules in the source code. 

Labkit for researching

Thin5G is a project funded by the Asturias government to improve advanced connectivity. Firecell’s Labkit is providing 5G connectivity at University of Oviedo, where Thin5G’s lab is located.     

This project is devoted to innovation and its lab welcomes both local enterprises who need a place to test and improve their IoT applications, as well as students that need to learn how to manage and operate 5G networks.  

” I would definitely recommend the 5G LabKit, for the same reason it was recommended to me: It’s useful, affordable and quick to set up. The support the technical team of Firecell provides is essential.” 

Rafael Gonzalez Ayestaran, The Director of the Thin5G project, and Deputy Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Oviedo University

Labkit for training University students

Universities around the world, like our client ICI Lab, are using the 5G Labkit to create a compelling wireless environment for students to experiment with new wireless networks. 

ICI Lab is a research institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, that specializes in R&D activities, performing measurements and testing 5G communications and IoT. 

ICI Lab’s main need was a 5G network to test and validate the RIC algorithm they have been developing for O-RAN architecture. The fact that Labkit’s core and RAN are in Open Source was an important element to the lab: All code is transparent which makes debugging faster and much easier to do. 

Additionally, as said by the ICI Lab team themselves, having expert support from Firecell to help with core/RAN related issues is of great relief: This allows them to focus on their own research, instead of also supporting Labkit for their team.        

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