4G & 5G Labkit for your local network

A compact mobile local network for demonstrating and testing 4G and 5G. A 3GPP compliant eNodeB, gNodeB & EPC working in Non-standalone mode (NSA) and Standalone (SA) mode in frequency range 1 (FR1).

packaged as an integrated SW-HW platform in x86 Intel-based hardware platform
allowing to perform 4G and 5G networking for your local network and testing for most types of user equipment
both eNB and gNB run on the same hardware
based on OAI Distribution by Firecell and COTS Hardware platforms
includes integrated monitoring, configuration and control capabilities

What do our customers
do with the Labkit?

Deploy a 5G local network in their lab

to have a practical experience of 5G
to focus on their own research that require 5G Connectivity (e.g Robotics)

Integrate with their own applications

complementing the 4G / 5G labkit with IMS, IoT platform, etc.
to run demos and run PoCs

Adapt it to their own needs

benefit from a fully functional 5G stack
develop your own extensions on top of the open source

Check how the Labkit works

2 minute tutorial

A product appreciated by our clients

"I would definitely recommend the 4G & 5G Labkit, for the same reason it was recommended to me: It’s useful, affordable and quick to set up. The support that firecell provides is essential, we had a training session and support with the technical team afterwards”

Rafael Gonzalez Ayestaran
Deputy Head of the Department of Electrical
Oviedo University


What does Firecell Labkit include?

Firecell Labkit is a fully integrated hardware and software solution supporting 4G and 5G (TDD and FDD), designed for labs. It is made out of the essential 3GPP components, packaged in a compact solution integrating a PC and 2 x USRPs. It comes with:

  • Compact 4G Core (5G CN from Q2 2022 to support 5G SA)
  • Integrated 4G / 5G RAN 
  • 2 cells (4G and 5G) 
  • Realtime RAN monitoring and control (Q1 2022)
  • Logs, measurements and monitoring

A compiled version of the code as well as the source code are available on the Labkit.

It is delivered with 1 test Sim card and a guide to help you easily order and configure more Sim cards. eSIMs and programmable SIM cards can also be used. The labkit is configured by default for a maximum of 16 x 4G users (with up to 40 COTS-UE validated) or 2 x 5G users.

N.B.: no UEs or modules come with the LabKit.

Wich spectrum bands are available? Do I need to apply for spectrum to use the Firecell Labkit?

All bands between 400 MHz to 6GHz are supported by the Firecell Labkit. We are progressively validating all the most common 4G and 5G bands and those requested in priority by our customers.

As of today 4G Band 40 (TDD), Band 4 and 7 (FDD) and 5G n78 (NSA configuration) are fully validated. As this evolves quickly, contact us to know the latest update. Let us know as well if you would like a different band to be validated for your project.

The Firecell LabKit is for use in a lab. Its output power is >10bBm. It will not radiate outside the walls of the laboratory and therefore you should not need to apply for spectrum*. To avoid interference, we would suggest that you use a band not used by MNOs or other users in your area (for instance Band 40 TDD in Europe, as this band is essentially used by MNOs in Asia). 

*Please still check with your local regulator.

How do I know the price and conditions?

Please contact us. We'll be happy to respond to any question you might have on the Firecell Labkit and to provide you with the price and conditions.

What happens after I place a Purchase Order? Which support will I get from Firecell?

When you place a Purchase Order, we will first validate with you your requirements and especially the spectrum bands that you plan to use with the Firecell LabKit.

You will then receive your LabKit after 4 to 8 weeks, the time for us to procure and integrate the hardware, install the software, fully validate your LabKit and ship it to you. Once you receive it, we will set up a conf-call and go through the LabKit operation in a 1h training session.

Your Support & Maintenance contract will then give you access to:

  • a Gitlab repository where you can find the source code and distributions
  • Firecell ticketing system (This is only with Gold and Platinum Service)

Depending on the support and maintenance contract you chose, a dedicated customer support representative will be appointed.

Please note that the Support and Maintenance contract is mandatory when purchasing a LabKit.

How can I benefit from the features that I see coming up later in your roadmap?

Our mandatory Support & Maintenance contract allows you to upgrade the system as soon as the latest version is available. The latest source code and distributions are available through your Gitlab access.

What if I would like a different setup to the one currently proposed for the Firecell Labkit?

We have designed the Firecell LabKit based on the most common requirements from our laboratories customers. Its compact form-factor, performances and features make it suitable for a wide range of uses and experimentations.

However, we understand that you might have specific requirements, not yet included in the Firecell LabKit, to support your R&D projects. We'll be happy to discuss these requirements with you and adapt the Firecell LabKit to your needs. This is usually done through small design house projects. Please contact us to know more.

I want to purchase the Labkit, how do I proceed and what will be needed on my side?

1.Please fill in the contact form on this page, we will contact you shortly after.

2.Your account manager will send you an order form that you fill in and send back to Firecell (you also have the option to send us a purchase order if that is a required policy in your company).

3.Once received, our delivery team will confirm the exact order requirements with you.

4.If you opt for the Hardware+Software solution, you will receive your Labkit within 4 to 8 weeks. It includes the time for us to procure and integrate the hardware, install the distribution, fully test and validate your Labkit, and then ship it to you. If you opt for the Software-Only version, the delivery is instant.

5.Once received, we will set up a call and go through the Labkit operations in a 1h training session.

Do I need a spectrum license to use the Labkit? Or is a Faraday Cage required for installation?

In most countries, you do not need a spectrum license to operate the labkit as the power output is low (>10dBm).

A Faraday Cage is not required either and almost none of our clients use them. It may be needed if you want to test the same bands as the ones from telecom companies (and you are in a place where their signal is strong), or in places where there is a lot of interference, e.g. in a tradeshow.

What’s in the existing firecell.io releases?

We select modules from OAI and build a stable distribution that we document and support. For the current version, please click here to see the list of supported features.

What’s Firecell’s roadmap VS the OAI roadmap?

Firecell’s distribution includes both OAI + Firecell modules:

  • Firecell contributes to the OAI roadmap.
  • From the OAI source code, we pick, and ruggedize new features and modules that match our customers’ needs and/or bring them value.
  • We also develop proprietary modules.

Firecell also adds its own enhancement on top: a packaged distribution, documentation, support & maintenance to customers.

Firecell software in detail
Can I deploy the software on more than one hardware setup?

Yes, you can install the same software on many machines, no problem. You just need to make sure the additional hardware meets our hardware requirements to avoid performance issues.

How complicated/easy is it to install the Software-only (SW) Labkit?

All instructions for an easy installation are included in the delivery.

Firecell’s Labkit SW distribution also includes:

  • Detailed user guide
  • Scripts to help you download, build and configure the system 
  • 1h of remote support for the first installation, to guide you through the process

For reference, our engineers only take a few minutes to install and configure the Labkit.

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