4G & 5G Labkit for your local network

A compact mobile local network for demonstrating and testing 4G and 5G. A 3GPP compliant eNodeB, gNodeB & EPC working in Non-standalone mode (NSA) and Standalone (SA) mode in frequency range 1 (FR1 < 6Ghz).

packaged as an integrated SW-HW platform in x86 Intel-based hardware platform
allowing to perform 4G and 5G networking for your local network and testing for most types of user equipment
both eNB and gNB run on the same hardware
based on OAI Distribution by Firecell and COTS Hardware platforms
includes integrated monitoring, configuration and control capabilities

What do our customers
do with the Labkit?

Deploy a 5G local network in their lab

to have a practical experience of 5G
to focus on their own research that require 5G Connectivity (e.g Robotics)

Integrate with their own applications

complementing the 4G / 5G labkit with IMS, IoT platform, etc.
to run demos and run PoCs

Adapt it to their own needs

benefit from a fully functional 5G stack
develop your own extensions on top of the open source

Check how the Labkit works

2 minute tutorial

A product appreciated by our clients

"I would definitely recommend the 4G & 5G Labkit, for the same reason it was recommended to me: It’s useful, affordable and quick to set up. The support that firecell provides is essential, we had a training session and support with the technical team afterwards”

Rafael Gonzalez Ayestaran
Deputy Head of the Department of Electrical
Oviedo University
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