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Artificial Intelligence and 5G: How are they linked?

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most prominent technology trends today. AI is a subset of machine learning, it is the process of creating software that can learn on its own, and provide users with more efficient digital services. 

Today, 5G has become AI’s biggest ally, it is indeed changing the landscape of enterprise connectivity.  

Let’s take a look at how they’re related and how you can leverage this relationship to your business advantage.

5G and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used in a wide variety of areas and industries. It helps businesses better understand their customers, it can automate processes, and it can even improve systems that make up a business — such as its supply chain.  

Today, 5G is immensely more powerful than its predecessor, 4G, and with this in mind, it’s not surprising to learn that 5G is now the army knife of connectivity, as it can link millions of IoT devices and at the same time, serve metaverse users with real-time virtual reality. 

How 5G and Artificial Intelligence Work Together

The power of 5G comes at the price of complexity, a complexity that is best managed by AI: 

  • AI orchestrates 5G servers in an operator network,
  • AI can optimally allocate the spectrum and optimize it for each device’s latency, bandwidth, and reliability;
  • AI can detect intrusion in a network. 

What is even more interesting is how AI reaches new levels in the context of industry 4.0, as 5G enables it to connect every single tool, person, and machine. For instance, with a wireless 5G camera, you’ll be able to control a robot arm, pilot robots in warehouses, or even measure the performance of every single hand-carried tool in a car manufacturer chain. 

Key takeaways

As demonstrated, AI and 5G form a powerful duo. For one thing, it helps businesses gain efficiency and run at a higher level of capacity.  Thanks to this duo, the multinational engineering, and technology company, Bosch, has proven how they can save up to €800K per year of energy and raw materials, for every one of their factories. 

At firecell, we make 5G connectivity easy and affordable so that every industrial company around the world can afford to set up a 5G network on its premises. So that every enterprise, no matter its size, can benefit from the undeniable advantages of using AI with a 5G network. 

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Watch our CEO, Claude Seyrat‘s lightning talk about the topic: