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Ethernet Cables or Private Network

“I need to pull new ethernet cables every time I move or install a machine in my factory”

“I install a new machine every 6 months, and each time I need to pull ethernet cables. These repeat operations are costly and take time.

Can I simplify this?”

Can a Private Mobile Network help you?

Indeed, one of the advantages of PMN is that you install it once to cover your facilities and you can then connect every single device, machine, application or tool you want on it, without having to pull new cables. It’s a real future proof investment. You will also be able to perform seamless software updates on your machines with the same setup.

4G or 5G?

Most industrial machines are connected on Ethernet for performance reasons, data volume and security reasons. This is why we strongly suggest you opt for a 5G PMN that will offer high data speed, low latency, strong reliability as well as a high level of security. We also suggest you extend your existing cyber security solutions on top.

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