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Tactical Bubbles

“I need to connect a construction site for the next 12 months.

I want to secure events in outdoor locations with big crowds”

“My construction sites are often badly covered by public operators. Is it possible to have a mountable and dismountable PMN that I could deploy on several construction sites?

Public outdoor events gather large crowds making it difficult to manage large amounts of data in a secure manner. Can I deploy a tactical PMN just for the time of an event and reuse it several weeks later in another location for another event?”

Can a Private Mobile Network help you?

Both of these similar use-cases can be covered by “tactical bubbles” or tactical PMN. These networks are specifically mounted on structures that can be deployed in several hours and dismantled after an event. The main interest of such a setup is the cost effectiveness of such a PMN that can be reused several times in different locations, yet guaranteeing a secure and powerful network.

4G or 5G?

Both 4G and 5G can be used depending on the specific data volume, type and number of devices to connect on the network. We suggest a specific study to determine the best for your own case.

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