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Wifi / Ethernet / DECT or Private Network

“I want to simplify my networks operation and maintenance. I currently run a wifi, ethernet & DECT networks”

“Part of my applications rely on wifi, my machines are connected via ethernet and my phones run on a seperate DECT network.

Is there a way to rationalize this setup?”

Can a Private Mobile Network help you?

Before PMN existed, separate technologies were fit for various use cases. You made the right choice back then. Today PMN can help cover all these use cases, that is connect your machines, tools, applications, phones, finished goods, vehicles, etc. Meaning that you can now gain time and cost by simplifying your network operations and maintenance with one single PM network.

4G or 5G?

Both will solve your problem. The choice will depend on the level of performance you are looking for and how critical the operations you wish to connect.

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