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Firecell, Stellantis, Axians, Euroutils, Miodex, TMF, AW2S and Sequans join forces in a 5G geolocation project.

5G geolocation project

It’s been a long time coming, but the good news is finally here. This powerful French consortium is joining forces with Firecell in an innovative 5G geolocation project : GEO5G, laureate of the French government’s 5G acceleration plan.

The government issued a call for projects dedicated to the telecom industry to support projects based on 5G technology. The French state supports the best R&D projects, investments and implementation of 5G experimentation, in order to accelerate applications to vertical markets. 

Based on the latest 3GPP release applied to Industry 4.0, this industry-wide collaboration will set new standards in the field of indoor mapping and navigation, find out how below. 

GEO5G – An innovation set to change the game.

Firecell’s GEO5G project is a revolutionary innovation in the world of geolocation. It combines the most advanced 5G technology with cutting-edge indoor positioning methods to provide users with accurate maps and navigation indoors (geofencing), for enterprises of all sizes. 

This will allow users to: 

  • Locate precisely (<0,5m) production equipment and confirm work authorizations
  • Assist operators in front of their section to carry out operations with a total traceability by geo-locating tools (<0,5m)
  • Guarantee the safety of operators by identifying/locating them (<0,5m) quickly (<25ms) with a very high reliability (99,999%) to adapt robots’ behavior when an operator approaches it. The operator is identified via 2 redundant trackers carried on him.

How the consortium is collaborating

  • FIRECELL develops and provides a 5G platform for accurate localization of 5G chips and objects. 
  • EUROUTILS and MIODEX provide industrial tooling solutions (connected tools).
  • TMF develops the Magic Data box to control the proper functioning of connected tools.
  • Axians (via the SYSOCO company) develops the mapping software allowing it to interface connected tools and the 5G localization system. SYSOCO also ensures the complete integration of the project, the monitoring of the equipment and the installation of the complete GEO5G solution on the test factory workstations.
  • STELLANTIS provides test work stations on which the system will be installed and tested in real conditions. 
  • SEQUANS provides 5G chips.
  • AW2S provides 5G radio heads. 

What does it mean for your business

The GEO5G project will enable the accurate positioning of people and assets indoors, regardless of where they are in the building. 

Concretely, with the GEO5G system, you can establish a precise location of tools and operations with an anti-lapse system, improve the traceability of the manufacturing process on aeronautical assembly lines, or even ensure the safety of technicians or operators in a potentially risky robotic environment. 

Why 5G technology makes a difference

A 5G private network provides a robust solution: real-time geolocation by using sensors embedded within structures, allowing an improvement of the accuracy of the localization system. These innovations allow a sub-meter accuracy, this wasn’t possible before.

This work is based on the Open Air Interface open source platform, which allows for scientific and international dissemination of the project.

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