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Peter Clemons joins Firecell to help European public safety and public service organisations

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Renowned global critical communications expert, Peter Clemons joins Firecell to help European public safety and public service organisations take control of their next-generation mission-critical communications systems

Nice, France-based start-up, Firecell, has been set up to develop, package and distribute the world’s first open source 4G/5G radio access networks (RAN) and core networks (CN) based on OpenAirInterface, gathering a community of highly skilled developers from around the world. 

Following successful Open Source models, Firecell packages and sells 5G products providing convenient, polished, enterprise-ready software packages, along with documentation and technical support, making its software easy for industry to use.

Peter Clemons has been involved in the global critical communications industry for 25 years. Peter is a former Director & Board Member, TCCA, working closely with all key industry and community players to promote critical communications technology standards across the world. Peter is also Founder and Managing Director of specialist critical consulting firm, Quixoticity, founded in 2012, which is an active member of major global standards-making bodies, 3GPP, ETSI and TCCA. He now spends most of his time studying, developing & implementing secure, end-to-end, full 5G solutions, having moved to France during 2020.

Peter is joining Firecell as its Global Critical Communications Advisor to engage with European public safety and public service organisations to propose advanced, customisable, affordable solutions designed and dedicated to mission critical scenarios. Supported organisations will be able to take advantage of a full open source software suite, allowing costs to be shared as more organisations join the initiative, with the possibility of extensions and integration with selected partners, a higher level of security and guarantee of zero back-door, with a community of companies and institutions continuously improving the code.

Claude Seyrat, CEO, raisin.ai and General Manager, Firecell: “We’re really pleased that Peter is joining us here at Firecell to revolutionise the way 5G networks are deployed, building on his unique understanding  of the European market and global critical communications community. I also know that it is close to Peter’s heart to develop the next generation of solutions for public safety and public service organisations.”

Peter Clemons: “This is a unique opportunity to shape the European and global critical communications landscape for decades to come. An opportunity I simply could not turn down. I’ve known Claude and his core Firecell team and have been following the rapidly emerging global open source 4G/5G community for some time. Now is the right moment to start transforming our critical communications industry and community, by making 5G open and accessible to all European organizations.”

About Firecell

Firecell develops, packages and distributes the world’s first open source software suite of 4G and 5G core and radio access network enabling manufacturers to deploy and operate private networks to connect their factories (Industry 4.0). For enquiries, please email to [email protected]