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Why did Firecell choose 1% for the planet?

Why did Firecell choose 1% for the planet ?

As a company, we believe that sustainability is an important part of our brand. It’s not just about cutting down on the use of paper and plastic in our offices, it’s about making sure that we’re leaving this planet better than we found it, through our contribution, and even more through our 5G offer

It can be intimidating to make decisions like these within a company, but our team’s decision to contribute to this cause was an evident one. So why did we choose this cause? and does our mission to democratize 5G Private networks help the environment? 

1% for the planet’s mission. 

Most businesses and individuals lack the expertise to develop their own environmental strategy, and few have the time or resources to sift through the many options available to them. 

1% for the planet’s mission is to encourage environmental and social responsibility among businesses. The organization provides a way for companies to donate 1% of their annual revenue to environmental and social causes. It also offers opportunities for individuals to take action in their own life to make it more sustainable. 

Why did our team choose this cause? 

Our CEO held an internal team vote to pick one of 3 causes, and though all 3 NGOs had important missions, the majority vote went for the cause with the most urgency rate: the earth. It is safe to say that, today, our earth is in a state of emergency. 

We chose to donate to 1% Percent for the Planet because we believe in their mission. They’re a global, reputable organization creating a movement to advance environmental protection, conservation and restoration, as well as sustainable lifestyles.

It’s also essential for us to be part of a community of businesses that hold the same values as we do, and to use this opportunity to spread awareness about such a noble cause.


Our company vote

Does 5g help the environment? 

Firecell’s mission is to develop, package and distribute the world’s first open source 4G and 5G core network (CORE) and radio access network (RAN) software suite. 

5G is the evolution of wireless technology, but does it help the environment? 

5G private networks are more energy efficient than 4G or even Wifi. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Thales group (and Huawei), it serves 100x the number of connected devices per unit compared to a Wifi or 4G cell, at 10 times the speed. Thus, for the same volume of data processed, 5G consumes less electrical energy.

At Firecell, we take corporate social responsibility seriously. No matter the cause, we want to do our part to make the world a better place. We consider ourselves responsible citizens of our communities and, as such, we strive to do good for the planet. 

By partnering with causes like 1% for the Planet, we hope to help them grow their efforts and lessen the negative impact on our planet. 



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1% for the planet