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private 4G/5G networks

We develop, package and distribute the world's first open source 4G and 5G core and radio access network software suite. We enable industrial companies to deploy and operate their own private network.
our mission

Propose affordable 4G & 5G private networks as easy as Wifi.

Our software license distributions are so simple that any IT department without telecom expertise will be able to install, deploy and manage their own private 4G/5G networks as they currently do with Wifi.

We aim to provide low cost solutions, transparent and open source code in order to help all size industrial companies upgrade their infrastructure.

Firecell commits to contribute to the Open Air Interface software for the benefit of the community by modifying, correcting and extending it.

Our solutions

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Our solution 4G and 5G lab kit

4G/5G Lab Kit

Firecell 4G-5G Lab-Kit is a complete telecom network, packaged in a compact hardware, for testing and demonstrating 4G and 5G networks in your lab.
Our solution 4G and 5G kit for industry 4.0

4G/5G Trial Kit

Firecell 4G-5G Trial-Kit is a complete 4G and 5G telecom network for trialing Industry 4.0 applications on the field.
Open source offers multiple advantages

Why open source?

For Firecell, the better is the quality of the code!

Guarantees the quality of code

With open source, the beauty is that the code is constantly improved by the community and reach higher quality standard over time.

So the larger and the older the community, the better is the quality of the code!

With Firecell, your 4G/5G open source code is transparent.

Provides security

Open source code is transparent and therefore can be analyzed by anyone at anytime.

It means that there is no backdoor possible.

Open source code guarantees a full independence for the Firecell' customers.

Provides independence

Open source code guarantees a full independence for our customers: they can add functionalities or fix bugs by themselves.

They can use our services when needed or decide to internalize entirely the development to their own R&D.

The Firecell's open source software allows pure software deployments, with flexibility.

Enables more flexibility

Our open source software together with our virtualization distributions allows pure software deployments on public cloud, on private cloud, at the edge and on any hardware of your choice.

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