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🚀 Firecell at Mobile World Congress! 🚀

The Firecell team is excited to announce our return to the Mobile World Congress (#MWC) this year! It’s our yearly tradition to engage with the vibrant community of mobile tech enthusiasts, innovators, and industry leaders.

🤝 Meet Us There!
Attending MWC? Let’s connect! Let us know in the comments, and let’s arrange a meeting.

See you there 🔥

#FirecellAtMWC #MWC #Private5G #OpenSource #PrivateNetworks #MWC24

Firecell is now among the Top 10 Promising 5G Startups of 2024!🚀

We’re thrilled to be recognized in your mention of the Top 10 #5G Trends and top Promising Startups of 2024! It’s indeed an exhilarating time for 5G technology; our commitment to revolutionizing connectivity through our cutting-edge 5G solutions is fueled by the belief that fast, reliable, and accessible wireless communication is key to future technological advancements. 🔥🚀

Find the article here: https://www.startus-insights.com/innovators-guide/5g-trends/



Firecell has been selected to join ZEBOX ! 🚀

🔔 Great news: Firecell has been selected to join ZEBOX ! 🚀

Created by Rodolphe SAADE Chairman and CEO of the @CMACGM Group, ZEBOX connects innovative startups with 20+ large corporate partners across its 6 hubs around the world(US, France, Caribbean, Singapore, UK, West Africa). A real fast track for the business. 🤝🏼

We look forward to working hand-in-hand with ZEBOX’s team, partners and startups, becoming part of a truly international network. 🌍

⛳️ LET’S DO IT !

#privatenetworks #opensource #Private5H

Firecell’s Labkit at the SC conference in Denver #Demo

What a great event, Mariam Kiran 🚀 Firecell is happy to be part of your successful #5G connectivity demo for SC Conference Series in denver🔥

Firecell’s Labkit is a lightweight open source 4G / 5G network, packaged in a compact kit for development and tests.

#Private5G #OpenSource #PrivateNetworks


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