Firecell Labkit is a lightweight open source 4G / 5G network, packaged in a compact kit with a smartphone and SIM card, for development and tests.

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Fit for all use cases

Firecell Labkit is a perfect fit for enterprises, R&D labs and universities who want to demonstrate and innovate using a real cellular network in their premises:

Build and run Proof of Concepts and demos of your device or apps using 4G or 5G
Kick start your research with a fully functional 5G setup, fine tune any part of the protocol
Develop enhancements of 5G security by inspecting the code and the protocols
Train your team on 5G by letting them inspect how an actual cellular network works
Test your robots, AGVs, connected cameras, barcode readers… with your own small private 5G in your lab

Choose your Labkit

Max Bandwidth / MIMO
Max DL throughput 5G
Max UL
Latency 5G
4G / 5G Labkit 40
4G / 5G Labkit 40
40 MHz SISO 20 MHz 2x2 MIMO
131 Mbps
21 Mbps
< 20 ms
All < 6 GHz

From: 11,900 one time, and
5,580 / year

4G / 5G Labkit 100
4G / 5G Labkit 100
100 MHz 2x2 MIMO
800 Mbps
100 Mbps
< 10 ms
All < 6 GHz

From: 24,900 one time, and
5,580 / year

5G Labkit O-RAN
100 MHz 2x2 MIMO (100 MHz 4x4 MIMO in 2024)
600 Mbps (> 1 Gbps in 2024)
50 Mpbs
< 10 ms
n48, n77, n78

From: 22,900 one time, and
5,580 / year

Support & Maintenance

Price (mandatory for the 1st year)
Access to Firecell Open Source code
Access to quarterly Firecell software releases
Support for Labkit configuration and operation
Support for integration with 3rd party software or device
Support for source code modification & extension
€ 5,580 / year
€ 9,840 / year

What you can do

Firecell Labkit is pre-installed, pre-tested, pre-configured and ready to use ! Get your own end-to-end 4G or 5G cellular network on air in less than 15 mn.

Deploy and update a cellular network easily using Firecell’s command line scripts.
Configure the central frequency band, bandwidth, modulation and coding scheme, attenuation.
View the protocol messages between network elements with Wireshark.
Inspect extensive log files and view the detailed list of network events.
Modify and recompile the source code.

Quarterly releases

Firecell maintains stable releases of the OpenAirInterface source code. New software releases are published 4 times a year. They contain features, enhancements and bug corrections from OAI. You can upgrade your software version from Firecell’s repository with a simple command. As long as you subscribe to Firecell’s Support & Maintenance, you get access to Firecell's latest software release.

Frequently Asked Questions