Firecell Orion P5G is a complete P5G network composed of one powerful radio for deployable pilots and small deployments.

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Adapted to your use case

Firecell Orion P5G provides both indoor and outdoor robust connectivity where Wi-Fi falls short. Here are a few examples of use cases:

Enterprises connecting IOT devices, tablets, cameras, etc.
Manufacturing companies preparing a 5G trial outdoor or indoor
Universities and Innovation centers wishing to set up a campus network
Connecting your business applications in your factory and warehouse

Complete and affordable

Firecell Orion P5G is based on the OpenAirInterface open source 5G Core and 5G RAN developed by a community of researchers from universities, corporations and industries. Firecell builds, tests and maintains stable industry-grade distributions of the OpenAirInterface code, and provides support and maintenance with SLAs to customers. The solution comes fully documented and ready to deploy.

Choose your Orion

Radio Units
Simultaneous connections
Max DL Throughput per cell
Max UL Throughput per cell
Orion 100
300 - 1000 m²
600 Mbps
50 Mbps
n77 (3800-4100 MHz), n78 (3400-3800 MHz)
France, UK, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, Poland Germany, Sweden, USA

From: 39,867 one time, and
5,580 / year

Orion 50
Orion 50
1000 - 5000 m²
300 Mbps
30 Mbps
n38 (2570-2620 MHz), n40 (2300-2400 MHz), n78 (3400-3600 MHz), n78 (3600-3800 MHz)
France, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, USA

From: 33,200 one time, and
5,580 / year

Support & Maintenance

Price (mandatory for the 1st year)
Access to Firecell Open Source code
Access to quarterly Firecell software releases
Support for Orion configuration and operation
Support for integration with 3rd party software or device
Support for source code modification & extension
€ 5,580 / year
€ 9,840 / year