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Our values

Firecell’s founders have previously worked together in a past startup and endured the highs and lows of company creation, from scaling up to going through hard times together.

During these years, they have forged strong relationships as well as shared uncompromising values that ciment their purpose at work.

These values are what drive us collectively every day to go to work at Firecell, to have pleasure working together and to attract people with similar values and goals in life. Today, Firecell is an international company. We have teams and partners around the world, but one thing we all have in common is how we ethically operate as an organization; internally and externally…

1. we care...

...about what you think, what you need and how we can help.
At Firecell, empathy is n°1. It’s not just about us; it’s about our clients and partners as well. Your success is our success, we want you to be satisfied and have all your needs met through our products and services.

2. we are reliable

we take our commitments seriously and we make sure to uphold them in all aspects of our business.
Through our clients, we’ve earned the reputation for being dependable and reliable in our industry, and we’re committed to maintaining that honor.

3. we are open

… to criticism, to change and growth. Our employees are experts in their field, yet they’re still constantly striving to grow and improve to be the best they can be.
This principle goes for our clients and partners as well, we want you to feel comfortable about disclosing your opinions and thoughts. We also value transparency in all aspects of our business, that includes how our company operates internally as well as externally.

4. we are pragmatic

at Firecell, we are result oriented.
We take a holistic look at any given situation and do what's best for all parties involved.
Simple steps are better than grand plans, success is built thanks to thousands of small steps, both failures and successes.

5. we are resilient

we believe that innovative problem-solving helps us overcome obstacles on our pathway.
The ability to adapt and recover quickly, showcasing agility and effectiveness is what describes our whole team. During the R&D meetings, we face challenges and our team handles them with resilience making sure that we help our clients.