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5G or Wi-Fi 6?

The world of enterprise wireless connectivity is changing fast, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are part of the new generation of Internet access technologies. With each their advantages, how are they different and what can we expect from their use?

Wi-Fi and 5G are complementary

While Wi-Fi and 5G seem to be competing wireless technologies. Both are distinct networking protocols for wireless local area networking, after all. However, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G complement one another rather than compete against one another. Here’s how: 

Complementarity of 5G and Wifi 6

5G is better suited for industrial use cases

The majority of industrial applications require a certain level of performance which can be very challenging to achieve with Wi-Fi standards currently available. Here’s how 5G compares to Wi-Fi for industrial use cases:

A comparative performance analysis

To better understand how 5G and Wi-Fi compare, here’s a performance analysis using KPIs crucial for an optimized enterprise connectivity:

More about each KPI