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Orion 50

From: 33,200 one time, and
5,580 / year

Firecell Orion is an outdoor or large indoor private 5G network in open source composed of one med or high power radio, for tests, pilots and portable networks.

  • 1 U rack server
  • 1 Access Point with 25m power cable, fixation kit and AC/DC power supply module
  • 1 Omnidirectional antenna with 4x 5m cable
  • 10 pre-configured SIM cards
  • 1 10m SFP+ cable to connect server and access point.
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Manage your network without technical knowledge

Firecell’s Network Management System is an interface that enables system administrators or IT Departments to simply operate their Private 5G network without requiring deep knowledge of network coding and configuration. You have access to the connected devices and their status, the throughput, and the allocated resources. You can monitor each access point and its status while filtering them by indoor and outdoor placements. 

Firecell’s Network Management System also allows you to control, configure and monitor the status of your private network in real-time. You can provision SIM cards and manage devices by yourself, manage users and control their roles with a simple interface.


Max Downlink throughput
1200 Mbps
Max Uplink throughput
200 Mbps
< 10 ms
Max number of users
Max output power (n38, n40)
Max output power (n77, n78)
Max outdoor coverage (n38, n40)
Range : around 1km (0,6 miles) / Area : 100 Ha (247 acres)
Max outdoor coverage (n77, n78)
Range : around 300m (1000 feet) / Area : 9 Ha (23 acres)
Max indoor coverage (n77, n78)
Range : around 50m (160 feet) / Area : 2,500 m2 (25,600 square feet)

Discover how our support
& maintenance

Firecell provides support for installing, configuring & operating Orion Private 5G. Customers also benefit from software upgrades and updates, with constant improvements, corrections and new features.

Service level agreements guarantee a short response time to resolve your issues and keep your network up and running under all circumstances.

Price (mandatory for the 1st year)
Access to Firecell Open Source code
Access to quarterly Firecell software releases
Support for Labkit configuration and operation
Support for integration with 3rd party software or device
Support for source code modification & extension
€ 5,580 / year
€ 9,840 / year

Adapted to many use cases

Firecell Orion P5G provides both indoor and outdoor robust connectivity where Wifi falls short. Few examples of use cases : 

  • Enterprises connecting IOT devices, tablets, cameras, etc.

  • Manufacturing companies preparing a 5G trial outdoor or indoor

  • Universities and Innovation centers wishing to set up a campus network

  • Connecting your business applications in your factory and warehouse

The power of a 5G indoor and outdoor Radio

Firecell’s Orion Private 5G supports up to 10 users simultaneously, with a range of up to 1 km indoor (1000 feet) or an area of 100 Ha outdoor (247 acres).

Indoor Range
Outdoor Range
France (outdoor only)
n38 : 2570-2620 MHz
Up to 1km (0,6 miles)
Spain (outdoor only)
n40 : 2300-2400 MHz
Up to 1km (0,6 miles)
Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Sweden
n78 : 3400-3800 MHz
Up to 50m (160 feet)
Up to 300m (1000 feet)
UK, Belgium, Norway, France
n77 : 3800-4100 MHz
Up to 50m (160 feet)
Up to 300m (1000 feet)

Frequently Asked Questions

Orion P5G Technical specifications

Rack server

Intel Xeon
32 Gb
SSD 500Gb
Network connectivity
2 x 1 GbE, 2 x SFP+ 10 Gb
Operating temperature range
5 °C to +40 °C
Power supply voltage input
100 - 240V AC
Operating system
Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with 5.4.0-126-lowlatency kernel

Radio Unit

Dimensions H x W x D
n38, n40 : 148 mm x 200mm x 295 mm / n77, n78 : 370 mm x 369.2 mm x 91.3 mm
n38, n40 : 12 kg / n77, n78 : 15 kg
Frequency bands
n38 (2570-2620 MHz) / n40 : (2300-2400 MHz) / n77 (3800-4100 MHz) / n78 (3400-3800 MHz)
n38, n40 : 2 x 20W / n77, n78 : 2 x 2W
Max transmitted power
n38, n40 : 2 x 20W / n77, n78 : 2 x 2W
Operating Temperature Range
-40 °C to +55 °C
IP Rating
n38, n40 : IP 67 / n77, n78 : IP 66
CE (Europe), RoHS, WEEE, REACH (UK)

Core Network software

3GPP LTE release
Release 16

Radio Access Network software

3GPP release
Release 16
Frequency bands
All FR1 (< 6 GHz) FDD & TDD bands
Up to 100 MHz, SISO 1x1 and MIMO 2x2
Modulation schemes
Up to 64QAM in DL and 16QAM in UL
Subcarrier spacing
30 kHz


Omnidirectional antenna
SFP cables and localized power cables
SIM Card
10 x Sim Cards