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Industry 4.0: Machinery, production equipment, and 5G connectivity.

April 7, 2023 4:00 pm CET

Industry 4.0 is all about automating factories and production processes, gaining flexibility to (re)arrange the production floor. Wireless connectivity plays a key role when equipment needs to be relocated frequently and robots or AGVs are on the move in production: they can then be steered, controlled, and connected to processes without data wiring; but rather over high-performance wireless connections. 

5G is bound to play a key role as 5G was developed with industries in mind: low latency, high throughput, extreme reliability, etc. 

In this webinar, we will explore what it takes for production equipment manufacturers to accommodate wireless and 5G and how the robotics and plant automation builders will work with the 5G and connectivity industry. We’ll do so with 3 reputed manufacturers: Omron Robotics, Amada Robotics, and MGA technologies

We will address: 

  • What role does wireless technology play in plant automation for robotics manufacturers?
  • How does wireless connectivity enhance the performance of production?
  • What are the connectivity requirements imposed on production equipment by Industry 4.0?
  • What does machinery require from 5G to deliver their equipment’s performance? 
  • What role do equipment builders see for themselves in a 5G era and where should the wireless sector ‘step in’?
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Koen Mioulet
Koen Mioulet
Founder of UlWiMo & EUWENA
Gilles Gomilla
Integration Manager at OMRON Electronics
Gregoire de Langautier
Industrial Development Manager 4.0 at MGA Technologies
Hervé Romanet
Amada Robotics, heavy industrial equipment