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Live from today’s event BE 5.0 Salon Industries du Futur à Mulhouse (Grand Est) with our partner Orange 🔥

We will still be here tomorrow! Let’s arrange a meeting 🚀

Firecell provides cost-friendly and user-friendly Private 5G #connectivity for #enterprises. We outperform WiFi, offering robust connectivity for large, complex spaces. Our solutions simplify # #5g setup, speeding up returns and cutting cost. 🔥

#private5g #opensource #privatenetworks #telecom

Firecell was at Bit & Pretzels this year 🔥

Firecell was on the startup panel with Sabine Flechet, Julie H., and Hugo WEBER, where we discussed the differences, common grounds, and synergies between #France and #Germany to scale in #Europe. 🇫🇷 🇩🇪

🚀 Thank you La French Tech for organizing this incredible conference. Looking forward to the rest of the event for more insightful discussions.

Firecell was at POC Media’s 5G & 6G event this week, along with our partner Miodex 🚀🔥

We had the pleasure of presenting our #GEO5G project, a revolutionary innovation in the world of smart tools for indoor/and outdoor tracking. It combines the most advanced private #5G technology with cutting-edge indoor positioning methods to provide users with accurate maps and #navigation indoors (#geofencing), for enterprises of all sizes.


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