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Private 5G for Robotics and Automation 🔥

We are excited to share highlights from a recent USAID study tour in the US. 🔥#AORA Asia O-RAN Academy mentioned they were actively seeking researchers to collaborate, so at Firecell, we connected them with 3 of our clients! 🚀

We are delighted to see you experiencing firsthand how Firecell’s 5G Labkit is used by Berkeley LabNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and CableLabs in their cutting-edge research. 
Anastasia Butko and Nirmalendu Patra and @Oliver Dizggle, Vincent “Achie” AtienzaMaricor AkolRichard M. , @Maria Beepe. We wish you a fabulous collaboration and more innovation together! 🚀🔥

Here are a few photos from the on-site demos from their recent study tour.


Private 5G for Robotics and Automation 🔥

Yesterday, we visited our private 5G deployment at Lyon Airport, with our client Stanley Robotics. Firecell has successfully implemented a private 5G network in the airport’s parking area, where Stanley’s robots are increasing space efficiency by 50%. This network powers autonomous robots, ensuring robust, extended connectivity, and ultra-reliable performance.

This project showcases the transformative potential of private 5G in industrial settings, enhancing operations and paving the way for future innovations in automation.


Connect with us to discover how Firecell’s private 5G solutions can revolutionize your operations.


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