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Firecell leads 2 Open Source 5G projects under the Open Air Interface (OAI) community

Open Air Interface (OAI) is the world’s 1st 4G & 5G open source community. It was launched by Eurecom in 2009 as part of research missions. It is managed since 2014 by the OAI Software Alliance (OSA), a non-profit organization, responsible for the development roadmap. Firecell is a strategic member and strong contributor of the OpenAirInterface, a dynamic and growing OS community.

you prefer to use a tested, documented & supported distribution ?

Why Open source = no lock in
matters ?

Improves quality of Open source 5G code
Improves quality

With open source, the code is constantly improved by the community and reach higher quality standard over time. So the larger and the older the community, the better is the quality of the code!

4G lte open source provides security
Provides security

Open source code is transparent and therefore can be analyzed by anyone at anytime. It means that any security vulnerability can easily be discovered and fixed by the community.

Open source software provides independence
Provides independence

Open source code guarantees independence for our customers: they can add functionalities, or decide to internalise part of the development.