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What is a 4G & 5G Private Mobile Network?

A 4G & 5G Private Mobile Network is a dedicated mobile network for private use by a company or public administration to connect machines, vehicles, people on a campus, in a factory or on a difficult site, separate from public networks.

5G private network
Private mobile network is dedicated
4G lte open source provides security
Private lte network is optimised

with our partners

We package ready to use solutions to be deployed on the field in order to create your own 4G & 5G Private Mobile Network
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Firecell develops and packages ready to use 4G & 5G Private Network solutions. Our solutions include both hardware and software and can fit various use cases from testing, deploying indoor or outdoor pilots and commercial grade networks. Together with our hardware and System Integrator partners, we help you deploy the 4G or 5G network you need.

Test & demo
4G & 5G

With our 4G & 5G Labkit, a Plug & Play fully integrated Private Network in a Box
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Deploy a small outdoor Private 5G network

With our 5GFlame mini private 5G network for outdoor coverage
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Deploy a large indoor & outdoor Private 5G network

In your factory, warehouse, retail shop, campus with our Private 4G & 5G Network
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Key advantages

Firecell solution was integrated and validated with several Chipset and Radio Access vendors such as AW2S, Benetel, Quectel, Sierra Wireless, Ettus, Qualcomm, Samsung, Xilinx.

Compact solution
dedicated to enterprises
Easy deployment and management
for IT departments
Based on Open Source
and Open Standard