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Private Networks to overcome Wifi limitations

“My wifi network does not cover my outdoor needs.”

“How could I connect difficult indoor locations ?”

“…we are disconnected from the network when we go outside of the factory into the warehouse and vice versa.

Can I solve this with a Private Mobile Network ?”

“I wish to connect difficult parts of my facilities (super high, in the basement, etc.)..

Is there a solution to cover these situations ?”

Can a Private Mobile Network help you?

Yes. PMN are natively built to provide wide coverage both outdoor and indoor, as well as a steady connectivity while moving (the tech term is “handover between one cell and another”). Just like you can today take a phone call on a long distance in your car or in a train.

4G or 5G?

If you just look for basic data and voice connectivity, a 4G PMN will deliver the exact performances you look for!

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