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Video Surveillance with Drones

“My sensitive site is difficult to monitor and needs a secure solution to detect potential intrusions”

“My site is several km2 and have portions that are difficult to monitor with our existing fixed cameras network.

Can I rely on a private mobile network to fly drones and stream live video feeds to my control room?”

Can a Private Mobile Network help you?

Indeed you could deploy a PMN on your site and deploy autonomous drones that would take live videos when an intrusion is detected even in remote and difficult areas that are poorly or not covered by any public network. Your security operator can then enjoy the drone live video stream in the control room adding a reinforcement to fixed cameras.

4G or 5G?

Depending on the number of drones and simultaneous video streams, you can either use a 4G or a 5G PMN. A simple calculation can be made in order to guarantee a good enough video quality.

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