4G vs 5G capabilities

How does each technology perform and why are they best suited for certain use-cases ? Check the 4G vs 5G capabilities radar graph below. 

What does each KPI stand for
in this 4G vs 5G capabilities radar graph ?

Measures the duration between the transmission of a small data packet from the application layer at the source node and the successful reception at the application layer at the destination node plus the equivalent time needed to carry the response back.
Radio Access Network (RAN) Latency
time it takes for a source (User Equipment / mobile phone) to send a packet of data to a receiver at the Radio Network Base Station (i.e. eNB)
the amount of sent packets successfully delivered to the destination within the time constraint required by the targeted service, divided by the total number of sent packets
the system’s ability to provide seamless service experience to users that are moving
Broadband connectivity
high data rate provision during high traffic demand periods
Network Slicing
supports the communication service of a particular connection type with a specific way of handling the Control- and User- plane for this service
Slice/Service Deployment Time
the amount of time it takes for a Slice to be established end-to-end after the initializing 'signalling' command has been issued in order to be created (if new) or activated (if predefined)
network resilience against signalling based threads which could cause malicious or unexpected overload
measured in Mbit/s/m2 is defined as the total amount of traffic exchanged by all devices over the considered area
Device Density
up to several hundred thousand simultaneous active connections per square kilometre shall be supported for massive sensor deployments
Location accurancy
refers to the "degree closeness" of a measured end-user device location (by means of the communication network infrastructure/technologies) to the real location of the device at the time of the measurement
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